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Philly2night is your guiding light to some of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, and events in Philly & AC. Philly2night offers a free membership service that basically delivers the good stuff for any social bird: happy hours, events, grand openings, etc, as well as member-only benefits like exclusive invites & free admission! Sign Up Today

-- from their Facebook "About" page

Why philly2night?

NICHE FOCUS: Our content is focused on local market nightlife and entertainment, geared to 21-35 year olds

ONLINE SOCIAL COMMUNITY: has 50,000+ active social network members throughout our Philadelphia community.

EVENT EXPERIENCE: Created & managed thousands of events to date, touching 200,000+ consumers.

PROVEN MEASURABLE RESULTS: Detailed tracking, exact figures on views and visits, event attendance and guest list detail. Information on which creative or campaign concepts perform.
-- (From their Advertising Opportunities Page)