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Children’s Theatre Summer Camp

  • The Performing Arts Youth Theater (now called The Philly Youth Theatre) was founded by Loretta Wehbe in 1983 and has been creating theater magic for 33 years. Our theater has educated and provided instruction for students ages 8 to 18 in all aspects of the performing arts. This includes acting, improvisation, singing, dancing, directing, choreography, technical work (lights and sound), play writing and creating music and lyrics for songs.
  • Professional actors, teachers and musicians instruct students in the skills needed to succeed in all areas of theater. The overall emphasis of our theater program has been to train students in all aspects of the performing arts, to enable each child to perform at a level that will allow them to excel whether or not they choose to continue with acting as their primary vocation. The theater experience also allows our young people to become more self-assured. Our program affects students in all areas of their life.