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Fine Artist

Rebecca-Rose is a profound portrait painter, sculptor, and director of Rosebridge Studio/Gallery.

  • Rosebridge was founded 1932 by the artist's grandmother and mentor Mrs. Rose Washington-Metzger/n of Prince George, VA. Mrs. Metzger self taught, begun her interest in the arts during the Harlem Renaissance while living in New York.
  • Rebecca-Rose born in Brooklyn New York, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University. Rose Metzger Fine Art Company incorporated in 1982, melding the partnership between Mrs. Metzger and Rebecca-Rose.
  • In 2003, Rebecca-Rose obtained a Masters in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Management from Springfield College.
  • In 2006, Rebecca-Rose completed the Post Baccalaureate Program with a concentration in sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.
  • In 2011, Rebecca-Rose founded what is now the Humanity Museum of Art and Intercultural History.
About the Humanity Museum of Art and Intercultural History.


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