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Ronald Rock is a local technology business leader who was introduced to Newsworks readers this way:

Ron Rock's mission is to reverse what's become known as Philly's "brain drain." He is, above all else, a Philly booster. You think Ben Franklin or The Roots put us on the map? You should meet this guy.

His LinkedIn profile gives this summary:

Leader I am a big idea guy, and a 'tinkerer' by nature. I take pride in my ability to connect the dots before others even know there are dots to connect, and I thrive on the excitement of building and leading world class teams to pursue these ideas. I've spent about a third of my career with Fortune 500 companies, and the other two thirds with entrepreneurial startups. Though I've devoted much of my career to endeavors in the financial services and insurance industries, technology has always played a key role in my work.

Founding Knowledge Rules, a highly-specialized business process management (BPM) technology firm, was a chapter of my career that harmoniously combined my business experience, team acumen, and love for new technologies. When the firm was acquired by Accenture in 2010, I was hungry to find new dots to connect.

My new passion: Digital Transformation leveraging BPM within the Enterprise. is a Digital Engagement Platform that combines mBaaS, iPaaS, BPM and API into a single stack that enables organizations to securely mobile enable and collaborate on any content behind the firewall and in the cloud from any location on any device. As large organizations embrace Digital Transformation including Cloud, Mobile, Social Media, IoT, and Big Data,’s DEP allows them to rapidly and securely connect to their systems, orchestrate and control with BPM, and access with APIs. Any company looking to Mobilize productivity, implement real time decisioning and/or derive actionable insights of their data, migrate to the Cloud, or Marketing Automation, can greatly benefit from Ron has served on both public and private boards serving on multiple committees including Audit, Governance, Technology and Investment. He most recently served on the board of Philadelphia Insurance Companies (NASDAQ: PHLY). Ron earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from LaSalle University in Philadelphia PA.

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