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Dare to Share

Sharing Excess connects colleges and communities to reduce food waste and combat hunger.

Unfortunately, giving isn’t always easy. We want to change that.

Our movement is powered by innovative and compassionate college students that work with their campus, community, and local businesses to share food excess.

Sharing Excess partners with grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes to deliver excess food to hunger relief organizations. We partner with 25 + hunger relief organizations and community programs that target the root causes of poverty.

Nearly half of all college students struggle with food insecurity. Sharing Excess works on campus to establish meal swipe donation programs, sponsor food scholarships, and connect students to support resources.

Sharing Excess has provided more than 120,000 meals to communities and college students in need. We distribute to communities throughout Philadelphia, and will be expanding to cities across the US over the next five years.

Together with 40+ food donors, Sharing Excess reduces food waste, while saving businesses money. We accurately track all donations for easy and convenient tax deductions. For every $1 donated, Sharing Excess can provide 8 meals to communities in need.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's home page.

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