Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

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Shofuso Japanese House and Garden.

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden gives the following descriptive information:

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden is a traditional-style Japanese house and nationally-ranked garden in West Fairmount Park that reflects the history of Japanese culture in Philadelphia, from the 1876 Centennial Exposition to the installation of its contemporary paintings in 2007. Shofuso hosts over 30,000 visitors each year from more than 20 different countries.


  • To preserve, maintain, present and interpret Shofuso, a traditional Japanese house and garden.
  • To promote intercultural understanding through public programs about Japanese arts and culture.

Vision:  We envision providing the neighborhood, the region and the world an opportunity to experience Japanese culture, tranquility, and peace of mind.

Our mission is achieved through our shared values, which shape and influence all our decisions and actions. As a Japanese heritage organization, we embrace and embody the following traditional values:

  • 真 (shin- truth) We commit to represent Japanese arts, culture, and aesthetics with authenticity and respect.
  • 善 (zen – goodness) We strive to reach exceptional standards of quality and integrity in preservation, visitor experience, programming and fundraising.
  • 美 (bi – beauty) We recognize the ability of the site, the structure and the grounds of Shofuso to delight the senses and deeply satisfy the mind; we work to make Shofuso available to all people.

With truth, goodness and beauty, it is possible to have balance.