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Living, knowing and telling your own story makes you an ordinary expert.

REAL LIVE TRUTH from your life story is a living document that CHANGES THE CONVERSATION.

Descovering real live truths from ordinary experts.

What causes are you passionate about? Ordinary experts know about things like neighborhood safety, addiction recovery, affordable education, housing and healthcare, racial equality and relations, veteran issues, incarceration and re-entry, gender issues, economic opportunity, parenting, mental health, gun control, the environment, etc.

  • Sidebar Stories is a 501c3 charitable organization giving everyone a safe and meaningful space to be heard and draw meaning from life experiences.
  • The storyboard format, workshop experience and digital distribution of stories have evolved from deep listening and desire for change.


  • What is a sidebar story
  • History of Sidebar Stories
    • After hearing hundreds of stories as a family therapist, spiritual director and facilitator in restorative justice circles, Dr. Ron recognized the wisdom that only comes through personal experience in facing life’s life’s obstacles...