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What is Space 1026?

It's a tough question, but here are three answers:

Space 1026 has been a 18 year experiment. It has developed from a handful of founders to dozens of co-conspirators. Together we are becoming Space 1026.

Space 1026 is a common excitement for making, producing and creating, not for some outside world of aficionados, but for each other, for our own kind.

Space 1026 is two floors of a building at 11th and Arch. That's in Philadelphia. It is a network of dozens of artists who've had studios at the Space, past and present. It is dozens of artists who've had shows at the Space over the last 13 years. It is dozens of artists who come to our events, and participate in our community.

Space 1026 is a community – a creative community – not an institution.

Or you could try and pull some postmodern s*** and say Space 1026 does not exist; but then you'd have to do some explaining to the mice that eat our leftovers every night.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's What is Space 1026? page.

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