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Spiral Q in action.

Spiral Q began as "Spiral Q Puppet Theater," founded in 1996 by Matthew "Mattyboy" Hart in Philadelphia. Originally a street performance puppet troupe, Hart established the group to promote social and political change through giant puppetry, pageantry and direct action that told powerful stories and lifted up community voices.

Spiral Q expanded its work to include workshops that connect people of all ages to art as an active expression of their local values and experiences, and events that bring them out into the streets for a form of community performance and action. Since 2000, Spiral Q has organized Peoplehood, an annual city-wide parade and pageant that showcases the work of people in community.

We imagine a city whose streets reflect the full spectrum of its residents’ creativity. We see a responsive and engaged society that rallies consistently to overcome the challenges of discrimination and oppression. We envision a world of abundance that mobilizes its resources to nurture shared vitality.

We take to the streets (real and virtual) our unflinching and joyous commitment to justice and equality. We unleash the power of art to connect people, actions, values, neighborhoods, organizations, and movements to each other and to their collective creative force for change. We remain steadfast in cultivating a climate of mutual respect, that is open to difficult conversations, and is committed to seeking shared purpose.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Company Overview page.