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Stadium Stompers banner.

Stadium Stompers gives the following descriptive information:

Temple University has proposed a plan for a $126 million football stadium in the heart of historic North Philadelphia. Temple has repeatedly shown disrespect towards the local Black community, pushing people out of their homes and using the Temple police force to intimidate community members. In the poorest major city in the country, in a city with a poverty rate of 30%, a new football stadium is irresponsible and disrespectful. It would displace long-term residents, raise tuition for students, and create disruptive noise, lights, and trash. Temple University has a crisis of priorities. It should be a democratic community institution that provides living wage jobs, affordable education, and services to working class Philadelphians, but instead the university is controlled by large corporations whose sole interests are making profits.

We say NO to the stadium and NO to gentrification! We say YES to student, community, and worker power!

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