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Members of Students Run Philly Style celebrate during the Philadelphia Marathon.

Mentorship + Achievement = Impact

Students Run Philly Style transforms students' lives through running and mentorship. We pair volunteer mentors with teams of students to inspire them to push themselves further than they ever imagined. Their goal: the completion of a full or a half marathon. The courage and effort required, the unfailing support of a caring mentor and the thrill of its ultimate achievement results in a student who knows anything is possible.

SRPS has two primary program models in which students and volunteer running leaders train together September - June to run the Blue Cross Broad Street Run in May, or January - November to run the Philadelphia Full or Half Marathon in November. In addition to these program offerings, SRPS has two specific programs called MileUp and OUTPace. In partnership with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, MileUp is the first diversion pathway that brings running and mentorship to Philadelphia youth facing delinquency charges who were formerly ineligible for restorative interventions. MileUp prevents long-term system involvement by holding youth accountable while helping them build skills on the way to positive achievement across all aspects of their lives. OUTPace improves health outcomes and increases protective factors for 300 LGBTQ+ Pennsylvania youth by providing inclusive, informed support via the organization’s research-based mentoring services. Through OUTPace, SRPS incorporates awareness and training regarding health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ youth into its programming.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Our Program page. Some was provided to Wikidelphia by the organization directly.

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