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Evaluating Impact in Community Development

SUCCESS MEASURES is an outcome evaluation resource for community development organizations, intermediaries and funders. A social enterprise based at NeighborWorks® America, Success Measures was created by practitioners and funders who wanted to document their impact for the people and communities they serve. Its participatory approach equips nonprofits and their funders with skills and tools needed to demonstrate results and communicate success.

Representing more than a decade of development and testing by community development practitioners, funders, intermediaries and researchers across the country, Success Measures assists local organizations, intermediaries, and their philanthropic and public sector partners to plan and conduct evaluations using participatory methods and a growing, well-vetted suite of more than 250 data collection instruments. The Success Measures Data System’s (SMDS) library of these tools, a web-based platform available by subscription, can be used individually or in combination, to measure the results of community development programs. Significantly enhanced and upgraded in 2013, SMDS also structures data collection tools for fieldwork or online delivery, and tabulates, aggregates and stores the resulting evaluation data for easy retrieval or download for further analysis.

Success Measures’ participatory approach fits easily into an organization’s existing structure and processes; the content is credible and relevant; applying it is straightforward and practical. Services available from the Success Measures enterprise include evaluation consulting, training, technical assistance, and access to its data system. These services are tailored to the specific interests of organizations and funders seeking to learn from and demonstrate the results of their programs and investments in communities nationwide.

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