Tabor Northern Community Partners (TNCP)

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On July 1, 2016, Tabor Children’s Services became the sole member of Tabor Community Partners (TCP), formerly known as Tabor Northern Community Partners (TNCP). This page has been updated to reflect this change.


  • In response to Philadelphia’s initiative to Improve Outcomes for Children (IOC), Tabor Children’s Services (Tabor) and Northern Children’s Services (Northern) partnered to create a new organization TNCP that builds upon the resources of both parent companies to develop a true community partnership. In creating a new organization, the two strong parent agencies have developed a network that can help the most vulnerable children and families within our community. The shared mission of the two parent organizations has resulted in a partnership that embraces and supports the IOC initiative where the community is strengthened through partnerships and communities working together to build upon resources.
  • Tabor Services, Inc. and Northern Children’s Services were the parent companies of Tabor Northern Community Partners (TNCP), the Community Umbrella Agency for Region 6 – northwestern Philadelphia.


Northern Children's Services and Tabor Children’s Services