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Graphic representation of Tech Impact's services.

Tech Impact gives the following descriptive information:

We are the place nonprofits can call to make sense of anything from large-scale technology projects, to technology maintenance and support. We have partnered with hundreds of nonprofits organizations around the world since 2003, to help each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission and improve outcomes.

At Tech Impact, we:

  • Maintain and deploy a comprehensive suite of products and services that focus solely on the needs of nonprofits.
  • Maintain a network of experts that can help a nonprofit overcome almost any technology challenge, providing affordable expertise in strategic technology planning, project management, database and application development.
  • Provide technology support to nonprofits. Through our Managed IT Services, we can implement and support an organization’s entire technology infrastructure, either in the cloud or on premise.
  • Ensure that nonprofits receive every software and product discount available. We accomplish this through our deep partnerships with nonprofits like TechSoup Global and corporations like Microsoft.
  • Help young urban adults move into a career in IT through our ITWorks program. This award winning 16- week program gives them the training, certifications, and experience they need to compete for entry level IT positions.