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The Technically Media team at a December 2018 meeting.

We decided that we would begin reporting on the Philadelphia technology community, using open source publishing tools, online. “Tech blog is a go,” I wrote to Sean, after receiving one more rejection letter for another news job. We hate being called a tech blog these days, but like many at the time, we saw blogging as a tool or platform.

We came up with dozens of names for the publication. “The Philadelphia Technology Review.” “Benjamin.” “Circuithead.” We decided on “Technically Philly.”

Our original goal wasn’t to start a company, necessarily. Instead, we were hoping to keep ourselves busy and motivated and dedicated to the craft of journalism that we so much believed in. We were hungry. A few weeks later on Feb. 9, we officially launched what would become

We’re so proud of how things turned out: Ten years in, has a small but mighty team of about 20 full-time people headquartered in the Washington Square neighborhood of Philadelphia, and spread out remotely across four cities.

Note:  The above information came from a tenth anniversary article.

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