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Why Only Inherently Safe, Mini Nuclear Power Plants Can Save Our World

A bold and uncompromising argument in support of a technology that can end our dependence on fossil fuels now.

Reese Palley argues that wind, solar, and hydroelectric power―all of which have large CO2-emitting footprints―are not the answer needed to make meaningful changes in our disastrous warming trend. Nor, for both economic and political reasons, can large nuclear power plants be built in time.

The usual response to looming disaster is to throw ever-larger bulwarks into the mix, but the central theme of this book argues that we can only respond fast enough by radically reducing the scale of nuclear plants. The only sensible answer, which the author backs up with exhaustive research, is the construction and deployment of container-sized nuclear generators distributed throughout the world, producing clean energy at the local level, getting us off the worst of our fossil-fuel gluttony within a decade. 30 black-and-white photographs. From the Amazon listing for the book


Editor's Note

This page deserves more work... It ought to be separated into a page about the book and another page should be created for this amazing human being. I met Reese Palley in 2011 when he was focusing on his book "The Answer." -- Stan