The Best Day of My Life So Far

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Together We Can End Older Adult Isolation

Our mission is to reduce older adult isolation and promote intergenerational engagement through storytelling. Our name, "The Best Day of My Life So Far," is inspired by the relentlessly positive spirit of our founder’s grandma, and grounded in the belief that you can turn any day into the best day of your life, just by sharing a story with someone who really cares to listen – even if the story is about the worst day of your life or a seemingly ordinary day. Guided by a love of life and a love of people, our vision is a world where people of all ages from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds can feel the joy of genuine human connection.

We empower older adults to open up about their deeper thoughts and feelings by telling stories from their lives; we train community members and professionals to become skilled and compassionate listeners – making the past relevant and making the future purposeful. In our signature Weekly Groups which take place at venues like nursing homes, senior centers, and living communities, stories begin as handwritten words, committed to the physical page then read out loud by the older adults who have lived them, and live on with the help of digital technology to inspire and mentor younger generations.

Our Pop-Up Events extend this experience of genuine sharing and connection to larger intergenerational audiences and more public venues. Our Story Cure Training Seminars unpack more advanced techniques for community members and professionals seeking a deeper understanding and stronger grasp of intergenerational communication – skills learned can be applied to any personal or professional setting. Outstanding seminar participants are invited to join our professional network, Council of Intergenerational Leadership.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Our Mission page.

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