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AKA: The Business Center for Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise


Educating And Connecting Entrepreneurs Of Any Age

The Business Center (TBC) empowers Northwest Philadelphia's youth and adult entrepreneurs and business owners from age 7-and up with competitive fire by equipping them with the necessary tools to start, sustain and expand successful local area businesses. We achieve our mission primarily by providing in-class instruction, seminars and networking opportunities through education and providing entrepreneurship training and resources.

  • We are "Building our community one entrepreneur at time."
  • For 18 years, TBC has focused on helping minority-owned and women-owned startups and existing small business and nonprofits based in low-income communities.
  • As we look forward to the next 18 years, we will build on our heritage of taking relationship building seriously while improving the content of our incubation services, capital and youth financial literacy programs.