The Commons and The Helpfulness Machine

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Helpfulness As A Mechanism for Sustainable Commons-Sharing

Our senses have, in many cases, been augmented by inventions. Telescopes help us see great distances, reading glasses help with everyday vision. The microscope does what the telescope does, but for small things instead of far away things... We've created communication tools like radio and the Internet to help us interact. And houses to keep out the weather... The inventiveness of human kind seems limitless.

But the areas of life that revolve around controlling conflict and violence remain unassisted with their causes still much in question. We do have very sophisticated social structures, families, communities, countries and their respective mores and laws. We also have religions that serve large segments of society and attempt to address how we treat each other, but conflict and violence still prevail and take up much of the air time in our news.

By promoting a "Helpfulness Machine" there is hope that humanity can learn to SHARE our planet with its resources, various populations, and institutions. The whole planet and our civilizations can be considered to be a "common pool resource" or "Commons" as described by Elinor Ostrom.

  • And the Helpfulness Machine, as I see it, will likely be composed of Social Media Level Two Websites and Apps, Art, Music, Dance, Spirituality and our Desire For Peacefully sharing our Commons, this beautiful planet Earth. --Stan 01:38, 24 November 2019 (EST)

Elinor Ostrom and the Common Pool Resource

Elinor Ostrom didn't accept fatal points of view. Her search to find what really can work makes her one of the great heroes of modern social, political and economic sciences...

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Can Helpfulness Change the Paradigm Of Social Change?

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