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Interior of The Head and The Hand Books.

A Nonprofit, Independent Publisher and Bookstore Located in Philadelphia

The Head & The Hand is a nonprofit, independent craft publishing company and writers' workshop based in Philadelphia.

We call it "craft" because we consider writers to be artisans, much like a carpenter or a farmer. And just as a farmer is connected to the crop from the seed to the harvest, we think that a writer should be connected to the process of crafting a book, from manuscript submission to the shelf.

With business practices influenced by the work ethic of artisans, we strive to work with authors, both aspiring and established, whose work is not confined to a specific style or mindset. Our main goal is to produce writing that shows a connection from the head to the hand by publishing stories that have the power to change and entertain.

And with our Writers' Workshop, we are also doing everything we can to help maintain the long legacy of book publishing in Philadelphia, while also making our own unique contribution to the city's burgeoning literary community.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's What We Think & What We Do page.

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