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Visiting volunteers at work in the neighborhood served by The Simple Way.

Together Cultivating a Neighborhood We Can Be Proud Of

  • Food Distribution: We partner with a Philadelphia’s food bank Philabundance to provide weekly food bags for families and individuals in our neighborhood. Close to 600 adults, children and seniors benefit from this program each month.
  • Emergency Services: The needs amongst our neighbors are great and while we don’t have the capacity to meet all of these needs, we work hard to connect neighbors to people and places who can.
  • Neighborhood Celebrations: Nearly every month we have something that brings us all together – Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and some of our own original events like our back to school party every Labor Day. Some of these festivities have hundreds of folks participating.
  • Simple Way Scholars: In partnership with Eastern University, we offer the opportunity for young people who are connected with the TSW community to attend and excel in college & to equip students for this journey. We believe we have a holistic program that supports scholarship recipients with the skills, experiences, confidence and support necessary for success at Eastern University, Esperanza College, or wherever they may choose.
  • Bookstore: Shane Claiborne, one of the TSW founders and long time neighbor here in Kensington has written some books. And since many of them are about work here in the neighborhood, we decided to create an online bookstore and create a job or two here in Kensington.

Note:  The above descriptive information was assembled from the website's What We Do section.


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