Town Watch Integrated Services ( TWIS )

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Town Watch is a group of men and women volunteering their time to make their community a safer place to live and work. Observing, documenting and reporting any suspicious or criminal activities in their neighborhoods, these men and women patrol our streets.

These same individuals also help with beautification projects in their neighborhoods by sweeping streets, removing graffiti, and planting flowers and trees.

By providing ongoing support, training, development and promotion of safety and community-based programs,
Town Watch Integrated Services is an organization dedicated to these men and women.

We partner with law enforcement and affiliated crime-prevention, drug-prevention and neighborhood-beautification programs.

Members include neighborhood town watch patrolling and block- watch groups, law enforcement agencies, state and regional crime prevention associations, a variety of businesses and civic groups and concerned individuals working to make their communities safer.

Throughout the City of Philadelphia, town watch volunteers are supporting the crime prevention efforts of our police department.

Together we can make a difference.

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