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Transition Town Media Free Store, also known as "Media FreeStore", gives the following descriptive information:

The FreeStore is a place to donate items that are no longer useful to you or your household, and to take (for free) items that you need or can re-purpose. Our hope is that this space will become a community meeting spot, a place to read a book, a place to bring your kids, to gather with your friends, to talk to others in your community, as much as a place to get free items that you need for your home. This place helps keep things out of landfills and the incinerators and encourages reuse and recycling in our community.

We accept small/mid-sized items: books, small appliances, artwork, small pieces of furniture, toys (in good condition), tools, electronic equipment in working order, kitchen items, knick-knacks and home decor, etc. (For a full list, see this page.) Clothing and food donations can be given to the clothing closet and food pantry, also housed in the Methodist Church.

We ask that people self-limit what they take to ten items per day per person. If you have a need to take more, talk to our friendly staff about your circumstances and we are happy to accommodate you.

This is your store! We are hoping that you will support us by signing up to help staff the store, so that it can be open more hours. Our amazing volunteers are giving this community the gift of their time so that everyone can get their needs met. Feel free to visit our volunteers page to meet some of the people that make the FreeStores tick.

We need your help financially as well, as the FreeStore will be maintained and rent paid by donations. You are, however, under no obligation to do so if making a donation is, in any way, a hardship. You can contribute to the FreeStore directly by making a donation at the Volunteer desk. You can also make a donation, both one-time or monthly, through the Transition Town Media website.

Any items not taken in a reasonable amount of time may be responsibly recycled by our staff. Space is limited!


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