Uhuru Flea Markets

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. http://uhurufleamarket.blogspot.com

Health Festival & Flea Market

The African People's Education & Defense Fund is organizing this health festival as part of our work to carry out our mission:

“To institutionalize and develop programs to defend the human and civil rights of the African community and to address the grave disparities in education, health and economic development faced by the African community.”

  • Health is essential to life. Yet in the U.S., the world’s richest country, African people suffer from an epidemic of curable diseases and reduced life expectancy rates.
  • This comes from the toxic mix of the lack of quality, affordable health services, wide-spread environmental pollution, unavailability of affordable, healthy food, substandard housing and under-funded schools.
  • We experience daily the discriminatory policies of the police including mass imprisonment of young Africans – especially young men of child bearing age – which disrupts community life and tears families apart, and the pervasive lack of genuine economic development in African communities resulting in the serious ongoing stress of poverty.


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