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 United Muslim Movement, Inc (UMM) opened its first Masjid on October 11, 1994 at 810 So. 15th street in Philadelphia PA. The Masjid was developed after a group of brothers approached Brother Kenny Gamble aka Luqman Abdul-Haqq of Philadelphia International Records recording fame about using a building in which to establish prayer. The Masjid was filled to capacity at the first Friday prayer service. In 1995, the Masjid was expanded into 808 So. 15th street. Although the capacity was doubled to hold about 350 people, the Masjid was filled to capacity at the first Friday prayer service after the expansion. The Masjid has had to create a makeshift prayer area in the driveway and street outside behind the Masjid to accommodate those attending Friday prayer services. In 1998 UMM merged with the International Muslim Brotherhood/Quba Institute.This union brought about the construction of another Masjid at 4641 Lancaster Avenue. The merger was later dissolved and the Masjid is now owned and operated by the International Muslim Brotherhood which has since been renamed Masjid Quba.Over the years UMM planned to build a Masjid from the ground up at the southwest corner of Broad and Christian Streets on what is known in Philadelphia as the Avenue of The Arts. In 2005 we found that the project was not feasible. In 2006 we purchased another building at 1251-53 Point Breeze Avenue in South Philadelphia. UMIC (United Muslim Islamic Center) opened its doors in the fall 2007, designed, constructed and built by the believers in the community. We serve the Point Breeze community in South Philadelphia. We are open for classes and special T’aleems and Jumuah is held every Friday at 1:00 pm sharp.

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