University City Garden Club

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The University City Garden Club, founded in June 1959 as the Spruce Hill Garden Club, gives the following descriptive information:

Purposes of the Club

  • To be an active organization working with other neighborhood groups to maintain and improve horticulture in our community, and to work toward neighborhood improvement.
  • To stimulate interest in and improvement of individual and community gardens.
  • To bring together people interested in horticulture and their neighborhoods, to share with as many people as possible the enriching experience of growing things.

    Our Prayer

    God, as you planted a garden
    and made it a paradise of pleasure,
    help us as we continue our work
    to perfect the beauty of the small corner of the earth
    where we live.
    Make our thoughts blend as harmoniously
    as the colors of your landscape.
    Teach us that what you have given us in love
    is ours to cultivate in faith,
    in order to selflessly fill our lives --
    and the lives of those who view our work --
    with beauty and joy.