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Supporting the Unschooling Life

Online, in book stores and at conferences, there are many excellent resources. The varied experiences of older, wiser, seasoned unschoolers are usually the best source of encouragement. From them you can get hope, gather ideas and be inspired. It’s hard to emphasize enough the crucial importance of this wide community of people who are changing the world through their evolved ways of being with children.

In addition, I've(*) produced a series of podcasts, designed in part to put me out of business. Many questions and concerns are addressed in my 52 episodes, by a huge array of experienced unschoolers—parents, children and other experts.

What I offer in personal calls with clients, that might not be available in those venues are:

  • A listening ear.
  • A shoulder to cry on.
  • Help with other issues.

Many times, unschoolers get all that they need in the first (free) half hour call. They just want to run something by someone in person, maybe they need a personalized pep-talk, or a new idea that sets them down the right path.