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. http://upliftsolutions.org/

Uplift works to support food businesses, local governments, and nonprofits in creating sustainable access to fresh and healthy food, nutrition education, and health care in underserved communities.

  • Uplift believes, full-service supermarkets in underprivileged communities can become the cornerstone to fulfill a multitude of community needs.
  • To actualize this belief, Uplift takes a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging its four program areas to
    • deliver new supermarkets creating access to fresh and healthy food;
    • preserve existing supermarkets to maintain access to fresh and health food;
    • develop new health clinics to create access to preventative and restorative health care services;
    • and collocate wraparound services to provide access to nutrition education and public benefits.

The four program areas representing this work are:

    • Sustainable Food Solutions,
    • Health Solutions,
    • Financial Solutions,
    • and Workforce Solutions.

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