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Warrior Writers Project.

Inspiring Veterans Through Creative Arts

We are a community of military veterans, service members, artists, allies, and healers dedicated to creativity and wellness. We use writing, painting, photography, and a host of other mediums to reflect on our experiences and express them creatively. Warrior Writers is a national non-profit organization, based in Philadelphia, with members and activities across the country.

Warrior Writers is a veteran-focused arts organization that fosters artistic exploration and expression through casual, welcoming workshops and retreats. By reflecting and creating in a comfortable space, we encourage and support healing and community building. Art making becomes the creative tool through which we understand and transcend experiences of trauma and emotional disruptions that are not easily identified but constantly felt.

Creative works are shared with the public in the form of books, performances and exhibitions, empowering veterans to share experiences openly and artistically, and providing opportunities for the broader public to understand veterans’ experiences. Through Warrior Writers, veterans have created a network of support and reprieve where artistic growth is developed and lasting friendships are built. Using art as language, we help bridge the gap between veterans and civilians.

Warrior Writers is a program of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a nonprofit charitable trust supporting diverse cultural practices and traditions in the Philadelphia region. Support provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and the Seriti Fund of the East Bay Community Foundation. Production of this website supported by a grant from Lycoming College.

Note:  The above description came from the program's About Us page.

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