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In 2011, University City District (UCD) established the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative to provide an innovative solution to a complex economic challenge: too many unfilled or high turnover jobs at some of Philadelphia’s largest employers, and too many unemployed West Philadelphians.

Even as UCD's institutional and private partners pursue transformative developments that will create more businesses and jobs in the years to come, the community continues to grapple with poverty. Thirty-one percent of West Philadelphia's population lives below the poverty level, with an unemployment rate that is significantly higher than the citywide rate.

The West Philadelphia Skills Initiative was created to bridge that gulf. For nearly twenty years, UCD has worked hand in hand with institutional partners to revitalize University City, and WPSI leverages those relationships in order to help local residents access opportunity and thrive in the workplace.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the program's home page.

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