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The West Philly Neighbor Support Network is a focused place for residents to coordinate practical assistance for each other, especially neighbors in need, during COVID-19 quarantines, either self-imposed or otherwise. Of special concern are elderly or disabled neighbors, neighbors with young children and others who face challenging logistics.

This is not to be a place for news or discussion, especially not rumors. Also, do not post identifying information: Rather than saying, "Jim at 4360 Pine, 215-999-4321, needs bread and milk," post, "neigbhor near 44th and Pine needs bread and milk -- can anyone nearby help?" then DM to share details. Posts and comments will be moderated to keep group on task.

West Philly has a lot of beautiful neighbor-helping-neighbor communities, but in upcoming times of need those structures may be overwhelmed, dealing with big, complex issues. We can use this space to focus specifically on helping each other, on both a a community-wide and person-to-person level. Be active, be kind.

To be approved as a member, the only requisite is that you agree to the rules and answer the questions as posed through the group page. The basic crux: "respect each other, keep focus on doing good work."

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Facebook About page.

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