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The Women's Law Project introduces itself with the line, "Established in 1974, the Women’s Law Project is the only public interest legal center in Pennsylvania devoted to protecting and advancing the rights of women and girls," and gives the following descriptive information:

The Women’s Law Project is a leading voice in the fight for equal access to reproductive healthcare and abortion, improving institutional response to all forms of violence against women, challenging sex & gender discrimination, and advocating for workplace equality and economic justice. We’re proud to be a state-based organization with a significant track record of national influence, and an extensive track record of legal precedents and policy reforms that advance the rights of women and their families—particularly those with few resources and little political power.

We work across a spectrum of inter-related issues that affect women’s legal status, health, and economic security, forging progress through strategic high-impact litigation, policy advocacy and community education.

In addition to our legal advocacy, we offer an in-house Telephone Counseling Service, which provides information and referrals to thousands of women every year. This is a vital resource particularly in Philadelphia, a city with low literacy rates and the highest rate of deep poverty, where 90% of women enter family court without legal representation.

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