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Some students and staff of YESPhilly.

YESPhilly gives the following descriptive information:

YESPhilly is many things. We are here to put students on the pathway to success. YESPhilly is a place where students who dropped out of school can get their education, counseling, learn media arts, and prepare for college and careers.

YESPhilly operates an Accelerated High School. Our classes are small and are designed to give students the coursework they need to earn high school diplomas, while they engage students interest, give them opportunities to learn by doing, and develop their creativity. The after-school opportunities to develop their 21st century skills through activities that link media arts, business, and social action. We are a one-stop shop for out-of-school youth looking to correct their life trajectory and secure a better future for themselves and their families.

Every student at YESPhilly participates in a series of college and job readiness activities to increase their chances of acceptance into and success in post-secondary institutions, job training programs, and the workplace. YESPhilly’s Transitions team teaches basic resume, interview and etiquette skills; takes students on college tours and to job fairs; helps students understand how to apply for college and financial aid; and provides support for success in these areas in a way that is personal to each student.

YESPhilly was founded in 1999 by Taylor Frome who currently serves as the Executive Director and Interim School Director. She is supported Kimberly Atias, the Education Director, Hiram Ashantee, Dean of Students,and many other teachers and staff who daily exhibit a passion for this work and for our students.