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. https://www.yosuda.com/

Yosuda is my labor of love. It’s my passion

I've spent much of my life searching for meaning and for ways to be free from suffering. Since I was in high school, over thirty years, I have been intensively practicing and studying many styles of Mindfulness, Meditation, Zen, Daoism, Buddhism and yoga, as well psychology, the Enneagram, Non-violent communication and Voice Dialogue. I believe I’ve developed a unique perspective, which I’m excited to share. And I’m still learning!

I’m a certified mindfulness, Yoga, and Enneagram teacher who believes students have their own wisdom. I believe the most effective learning comes when trust and respect flow in both directions. As a teacher, I help my students or clients to discover a fullest wisdom and potential. I provide the tools and material for them to choose and to learn by themselves. We also learn together.