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To Create Safe Programming for Urban Youths of Low Resource Families to Thrive and Live Well

Young Chances Foundation was created in 2012 in South Philadelphia as a organization created to provide urban children with the opportunity to have fun, strengthen family relationships, build positive leadership skills through peer motivated activities, and having resources to help assist with general to higher education. While also having the mission to produce safety, reduce some of the teen violence, and to alleviate some of the neighborhood tensions within the community. And over the years has expanded it's services to other essential resources that target reducing poverty in the South Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

To accomplish its mission, Young Chances Foundation has developed grassroot programs, activities, community events, and Chat & Chews, food giveaways, PPE supplies, Book 4 Breakfast program with various public schools,public safety agencies,faith based groups and more. In 2019 YCF opened it's own Community Engagement Center that is home to the community youth and residents to have access to year round youth educational-recreational programs, community events for parents and seniors along with life skills information for the community. This have become importantly vital to the neighbors ands community members who has been hardest hit during not only this pandemic but everyday challenges that effect each resident.

Note::  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About page.

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