Youth's Undeniable Knowledge

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Youth's Undeniable Knowledge gives the following descriptive information:

Youth’s Undeniable Knowledge LLC (YUK) as an organization is grounded in the philosophy that every youth possesses the ability to employ effective decision making strategies. YUK believes that by providing youth with positive “real” models, life skills based enrichment activities and intrinsic motivational themed based workshops, we can exercise their consciousness and allow them to utilize the skills learned to effectively make the right decisions when that moment presents itself. YUK embraces the youth development framework of providing youth with Services, Opportunities and Support to instill in them a sense of self efficacy. YUK will provide youth with positive and high expectations, opportunities for meaningful participation facilitated by caring and responsible adults. The programs are designed to tap into that innate knowledge by providing them with workshops that reflect and magnify the central theme. Participants will also be matched with a life coach that will be engaged with the youth for one year through weekly phone calls and monthly positive youth development and enrichment activities.

YUK is built on three essential themes; life skills emersion, career competency development and post-secondary planning. These three components of the program are each designed to provide the youth with the necessary skills in which will allow them to ultimately navigate their own designed course. Life skills emersion will enable the youth to explore Kingion Nonviolence which is based on the teachings, guiding principles and philosophy developed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Youth will also be matched with a life coach, whom is governed by the practice of cognitive behavioral therapy to construct an environment for the youth that fosters intrinsic motivation. Career competency development will allow youth to be instructed in those skills identified by employers as lacking in the current workforce. These skills include but are not limited to; interpersonal communications, personal qualities, job seeking skills, problem solving and decision making to name a few. Youth will attend work readiness training where they will learn how to create a resume –cover letter – thank you letter, participate in mock interviews and role play possible customer service scenarios to prepare them for the world of work. The final theme is post-secondary planning which will assist the youth in understanding that there are multiple cultures that exist outside of their neighborhood. Youth will be challenged to identify their “Dream Career” and chart a course of how they plan to achieve it. They will be responsible for envisioning their future and designing their own path to reach that goal.