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(Items in the above list that are marked with an asterisk have my notes in them)

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Rapidly generate & sift a group’s most powerful actionable ideas

Discover a group's most attractive ideas together by asking, “If you were ten times bolder, what big idea would you recommend? What first step would you take to get started?”

  1. First, every participant writes on an index card his or her bold idea and first step.
  2. Then people mill around and cards are passed from person to person. "Mill and Pass only. No reading." This step shuffles the cards.
  3. When the bell rings, people stop passing cards and pair up to exchange thoughts on the cards in their hands. [Another good option is to read the card with no talking].
  4. Then participants individually rate the idea/step on their card with a score of 1 to 5 (1 for low and 5 for high) and write it on the back of the card. This is called "Read and Score."
  5. When the bell rings, cards are passed around a second time "Mill and Pass" until the bell rings and the "Read and Score" scoring cycle repeats. This is done for a total of five scoring rounds.
  6. At the end of cycle five, participants add up the five scores on the back of the last card they are holding. And do one more Mill and Pass.
  7. Find the best-scoring ideas with the whole group by conducting a countdown. Ask, “Who has a 25?” Invite each participant, if any, holding a card scored 25 to read out the idea and action step. Continue with “Who has a 24?,” “Who has a 23”…. Stop when the top ten ideas have been identified and shared.