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Family/Community Advocate exploring issues & concerns in society, w/ focus on African American culture. Documenting with video and photography the stories of Philadelphians. I started as a home and school mom and learned about resources allocated to each of us. This was during the crack era, we were losing resources and our community felt as if we didn't have a voice.

Facial Recognition, Ethical Use of Algorithms
Advocating for protection from facial recognition surveillance and ethical use of big data.

Social Justice Stop The Violence Data Mapping Initiative, working to fill various gaps in our communities by hosting a social justice stop the violence data mapping initiative. empowering our communities with story telling via data mapping and video productions on various platforms. gun violence rise due to the shutdown and the rise of targeted hate has made this initiative urgent in adding our voices and images to the algorithms creating policy governing us without us being at the table. care and exposure is key, creativity sparks imagination so im exposing fun open source computer science platforms exploring who we are and who we would like to be, along with promoting being focused and serious in our developments aka transformations of the 21st century. self care with resources in mental health and mentoring is mandatory for participation with a focus on peer to peer mentoring.

Court Transformation, No Justice In Closed Courtrooms,
Holding Judges Accountable to us the families they are suppose to serve versus the agencies they support. Judge Cetera McCabe is not fair to our families and has a very high appeal rate. That smells corruption that we are done with. #TakingOurFamiliesOffTheChoppingBlocks June 19th, will be showing Coded Bias a documentary showing the experimental, data manipulated world we live in. Category:

Don't Call The Police, Community Control of Policing
Trust in the police is at a all time low. Don't call them educate yourself with conflict resolution and peer to peer mentoring. #HealthyMindsPhilly
Stop Asian Hate
Support for Asian Communities