Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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Growing the Philadelphia Region's Technology Ecosystem for Good

Ben Franklin is the Philadelphia region’s Partner with a Purpose. We stimulate entrepreneurial potential, economic growth and innovation in Southeastern Pennsylvania by providing the Capital, Counsel and Connections that accelerate the formation and growth of both technology-driven enterprises and partnerships that create sustainable employment opportunities and spur the development, commercialization and adoption of advanced technologies.

Partnership is a journey full of vital intersections, and we add strength at every crossroad. What unites everyone we work with is a shared focus on using innovation, investments, and technology to make a difference. When we seed innovation, it blooms as economic growth in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

With our capital, counsel, and connections, we accelerate the growth of technology-driven enterprises in order to spur development, facilitate commercialization, and encourage the adoption of advanced technologies.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's Meet Ben page.

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