Black River Financial Youth Academy (BRFYA)

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Empowerment Through Financial Literacy

The BlackRiver Youth Academy Program is a youth enrichment program with a focus on financial literacy. It is for youth, ages 5-18, in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The program will form partnerships with local school districts, churches and various youth organizations. We are committed to assisting our youth to create a sound financial path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Youth are matched with qualified adult instructors, who are trained to focus on the positive reinforcement, trust-building, and the achievement of goals, by engaging them in one-on-one financial activities and group project sessions.

The goal of the program is to educate youth on the importance of money management before adulthood and offer a positive support system to avoid the financial pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level. Mentors will work with children, younger than age five, who demonstrate the maturity to comprehend the concept of money.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's BRFYA Program page.