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Editor's Notes

  • I believe that more neighborhoods should be tagged with this category... -- Stan
  • To me, it seems redundant as long as we stick to our category-naming conventions, i.e., when naming Wheres, it's a Philly 'hood if doesn't have a state abbreviation or the word "County", and it's not the name of a state or foreign country. Furthermore, all the neighborhood Wheres are subcats, so our Where-Philadelphia cat already singles them out from among the counties, states, and countries, and it provides easier-to-handle lists of neighborhoods by region (North Philly, West Philly, etc). What purpose would this cat serve? And, again, I'm very wary of cross-categorizing between Top Cats. I believe that every category that appears on a category page should be in the same top cat as the category page; a Where should be a subcategory to only other Wheres; an Is should a subcategory to only other Is's, etc. --Paul
  • Paul, how can we host a list of all Philadelphia neighborhoods using your criteria? -- Stan


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