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We might consider listing all events here and removing Is-Annual Event and Is-Recurring Event because the category Frequency deals effectively with the timing issue. ~Stan

It just sounds like extra work to me.

I think annual events are important enough to have their own category. Yeah, I can see that I've built this cat up to 41 pages. I don't want to have to go through 41 pages removing a category without a very powerful reason indeed. I see no harm or trouble in using three cats, Is-Annual_Event, Is-Recurring_Event, and Frequency-Annual for each such page.

This category Is-Event doesn't even have anything in it, and it's too broad. Who would want such a list? I would keep the event categories as they are and perhaps add a cat to capture events that don't recur, like maybe Is-One_Time_Event, something like that. ~Paul

Ok, let's leave it as it is.

I agree that it's make work to change it. Let's leave Is-Event with the two pointers.~Stan