Center City Residents' Association

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The Center City Residents' Association introduces itself with the line, "CCRA is your neighbors. Join us!" and gives the following descriptive information:

Founded in 1947 to save Rittenhouse Square from being converted into an underground parking lot, CCRA is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Center City residents in the area encompassed by South Street and JFK Boulevard, Broad Street to the Schuylkill River.

Over the years, we have come together on a variety of initiatives in support of our mission:

  • CCRA successfully lobbied for the creation of a neighborhood public school - The Greenfield School, at 22nd & Chestnut Streets, which runs kindergarten through 8th grade.Rittenhouse Square.
  • CCRA manages and supports a community garden in Schuylkill River Park and administers a tree planting program for its members to enhance the streetscape.
  • CCRA publishes and mails to its members a quarterly newsletter, The CCRA Quarterly, to keep members informed regarding important issues and events in our neighborhoods.
  • CCRA arranges for a weekly sidewalk cleaning in CCRA neighborhoods and has initiated a program to remove graffiti from public facilities.
  • CCRA produced a Neighborhood Plan for Center City to serve as a guide for the future development of our already wonderful Center City Neighborhoods.
  • CCRA organizes an elegant house tour, now in its 47th year, to show off the joys and beauties of Center City homes and apartments.
  • CCRA conducts frequent member surveys to seek opinions and ideas on a wide range of issues such as parking, taxes, litter and trash, and non-partisan political topics.
  • CCRA sponsors frequent public meetings to bring presentations on major building and development projects before concerned members and organizations.
  • CCRA sponsors non-partisan political forums and meetings on important local issues such as historic preservation, parking, and governance.
  • CCRA serves up an annual Community Supper and Chili Challenge. The event is oriented toward family entertainment and is designed to help us meet and visit with our neighbors.
  • CCRA maintains a Safe Streets program through its Police Liaison Committee.
  • CCRA holds an Annual General Membership Meeting to which all members are invited. The meeting agenda includes election of new Board Officers and Directors, presentation of awards for Historic Preservation and Community Service, guest speakers on pertinent Center City issues, and a cordial meet-and-greet reception.