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Define step-by-step elements for bringing projects to productive endpoints

The process of designing a storyboard draws out a purpose that becomes clearer as it is matched with congruent microstructures.

  1. Invite a design team (a representative subset of the group) to create a detailed plan, including visual cues & questions, for how participants will interact to achieve their purpose.
  2. Clarify the purpose of your work together (use Nine Whys if needed).
  3. Discuss an approach or microstructure to use for this session (including who is going to be present) and assess its chance for succeeds or failure in achieving the stated purpose.
  4. Reexamine and strengthen the purpose statement if needed and review who will be present.
  5. Brainstorm and decide on a set of microstructures, questions and their order that could achieve the purpose.
  6. Determine whether the purpose can be achieved in one step. If not, what must be the purpose of the first step?
  7. Decide who will be invited and who will facilitate the meeting. Enter all your decisions in the blank storyboard.
  8. Determine the questions and process you will use to evaluate your design (e.g., Will the design achieve desired outcomes? What is the chance that the group will work together in a productive way? Will something new seem possible now? (Use What, So What, Now What?)


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