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The Mayor's Digital Literacy Alliance introduces itself with the line, "Identifying and funding innovation in digital literacy", and gives the following descriptive information:

The Digital Literacy Alliance is a broad coalition of institutional stakeholders working to alleviate the digital divide in Philadelphia. The coalition develops strategy, manages an existing seed fund, raises additional funding and oversees funded programs with the assistance of relevant stakeholders and committee members.

The goals of the Digital Literacy Alliance are:

  • To provide financial support to programs in Philadelphia that work to address issues of digital literacy and inclusion.
  • To serve as a convener of stakeholders and partners from diverse sectors who are invested and interested in closing the digital divide in Philadelphia.
  • To be a resource for best practices and innovations in digital literacy programming and policy-making.

The Alliance defines digital literacy as, "the ability to access technology and the Internet and use those tools to find, evaluate, share and create content."

First Grantees

The following projects won grants in the Alliance's first round in 2017:

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