Generations on Line (GoL)

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Generations on Line in action.

Generations on Line (GoL) gives the following descriptive information:

Generations on Line® simplifies the Internet for seniors. We guide a novice step-by-step in large type, familiar language, and friendly icons on to the World Wide Web, email and more. Because we love and respect our elders, and want to keep them connected.

Generations on Line exists because age must not close the door to opportunity for sharing wisdom, learning new skills, connecting to others, or accessing online resources. If you fear that the world is getting smaller for someone you know and want to help expand it, one possible answer is to help them learn to use the Internet. Generations on Line can guide someone who has never touched a computer learn to use the Internet, email, and the basic tools needed to participate in the cyber world of endless possibilities.

And....It's free!


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