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Reveal insights & paths forward through non-verbal expression

Introduce the idea of Drawing Together by drawing and describing the meaning of each of these five symbols:

  • Circle = wholeness;
  • Rectangle = support;
  • Triangle = goal;
  • Spiral = change;
  • Star person [equidistant cross] = relationship
  1. Invite participants to practice drawing the five symbols: circle, rectangle, triangle, spiral, star person. 5 min.
  2. Invite participants to combine the symbols to create the first draft of a story, working individually and without words, about “the journey” of working on a challenge or an innovation. 10 min.
  3. Invite participants to create a second draft, in which they refine their story by dramatizing the size, placement, and color of the symbols. 10 min.
  4. Ask participants to invite another individual or their small group to interpret their drawings. Remind them that the person who has done the drawing does not speak. 5 min.
  5. Ask the whole group, “Together, what do the drawings reveal?” Use 1-2-4-All with larger groups. 5 min