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East Falls Village volunteers being recognized.

East Falls Village introduces itself with the line, "Staying In Place, In Our Community", and gives the following descriptive information:

East Falls Village serves the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bordered by the Schuylkill River on the west, Wissahickon Avenue on the east, the Wissahickon Creek to the north, and Hunting Park Avenue to the south.

We’re not your usual bricks-and-mortar community--although we serve one. While we're a "virtual" village, the things we do are real; the people we serve are our neighbors.

East Falls Village is a program of the non-profit East Falls Community Council. We're a volunteer-driven membership organization that provides support, services, and programs enabling East Falls residents to live healthy and meaningful lives in their own homes. If you live in East Falls, we encourage you to join us!

We are also invested in building community – we “give back” through our involvement in several programs at our local public school, Thomas Mifflin School.

Here are some of the things EFV provides to members:

  • Social events, educational programs, and small-group get-togethers.
  • Access to information—call one number or visit one website for assistance or information referral. *Access to vetted contractors and professional service providers, some offering member discounts.
  • Rides to appointments, shopping or errands.
  • Friendly visits; check-in phone calls.
  • Help in maintaining independence at home.
  • Assistance with paperwork, household tasks, electronic equipment and more.

East Falls Village offers social connections and activities, security in dealing with service providers, convenience for errands and appointments and assistance for members to continue to live in their own homes as they grow older.