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This Wikidelphia Resource Page lists emergency services.

Top-Level Urgency

You should dial 911 for situations that are maximally urgent, for example:

  • There's a fire.
  • Someone has passed out or collapsed.
  • Someone suddenly seems very sick and is having a hard time speaking or breathing or turns blue.
  • Someone is choking.
  • You see a crime happening, like a break-in.
  • You are in or see a serious car accident.

Emergency Resources

  • Animals: Red Paw 24-Hour Emergency, 267-289-2PAW (fire or other disaster-related).
  • Child Abuse: Child Abuse Hotline, 800-932-0313.
  • Domestic Violence: Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline, 866-723-3014.
  • Emergency Notifications: ReadyPhiladelphia (at phila.gov)
  • Medical: AFC Urgent Care South Philly: 215-977-4820.
  • Mental Health: 24-Hour Mental Health Delegate Line, 215-685-6440.
  • Homelessness: Philadelphia 24-Hour Homeless Outreach Hotline, 215-232-1984.
  • Runaways: National Runaway Safeline: 800-786-2929.
  • Suicide: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-8255.

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