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Green Justice Philly is a diverse and growing coalition committed to building a healthy, sustainable and economically just Philadelphia region.

  • We work together to oppose the dirty fossil fuel industry that puts our neighborhoods at risk and makes our citizens sick, and cannot contribute to our long-term prosperity.
  • We are fighting for Philadelphia to grow a sustainable economic future.
The Green Justice Philly Coalition calls on the next Mayor’s administration to develop the next generation of the Greenworks plan that looks at the new green economy in Philadelphia to transition us off of fossil fuels and into a stable, expandingn economy that :
  • Creates a growing number of sustainable, living-wage green jobs for the 21st century;
  • Provides a just transition for workers fromin fossil fuel related industries;
  • Expands and increases safety and accessibility of mass transit for all populations;
  • Invests in community-owned renewable energy;
  • Encourages widespread, community-based urban agriculture on a large scale, with special attention to food-insecure neighborhoods and to repurposing abandoned and tax-delinquent properties;
  • Supports clean air and water and healthy communities;
  • Weatherizes and retrofits all of Philadelphia’s buildings so that they meet the highest of energy efficiency standards;
  • Addresses the climate crisis and our economic crisis by making an economy that works for all Philadelphians through a viable job growth program, particularly those who have been excluded from our current corporate-run economy, and
  • Decreases carbon and methane emissions, and the toxic air and water pollution in Philly.

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